Sampoorna Ahara Reviews

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Liked the taste. Was a little hard but expected it as it was millets. It was a little heavy on my stomach though.

Loved it. Will definitely order again.

Loved it. Exceeded expectations!

Healthy & Tasty

I've ordered this twice already and the loaves were great each time. Goes well with spreads from Sampoorna Ahara or stuff that you normally would have in your pantry. You can definitely taste the base dal when eaten as is (not too strong) but the spreads can mask it well if so desired. Bit dense in texture as forthrightly described in their page. A couple of slices are quite filling, thanks to the high protein content. Please introduce more such low-carb, high-protein options for breads and snacks!

Best healthy weight diet

I have started with sampoorna ahara food 3 months back with acidity issue but to my surprise it has changed my weight and cholesterol level. My weight was 92 now it is 83 and feeling light and healthy even my bad cholesterol is reduced to desired level. I would recommend all to use this food and achieve your healthy weight

Great !

Was great loved it

Loved it

Excellent.. loved it


I just loved everything about it - the texture, taste, size and feel.

Just amazing

Glad that they had a label saying "Best before 5 days" cos that made me free of guilt for consuming the whole jar in 3 days.

Yummiest Xmas cake

This Dry Fruit and Nut Christmas Cake really gave us the joy of the best cake ever...We really were missing the Xmas cakes after we turned Vegan...not any more...Can't wait for the next season again...I gifted this to a few friends too & they loved it too...

Tasty and crunchy

Had a delightful experience when i found better than usual roasted peanuts. Just yum !

Great solution for munchy cravings

These are yummy. Certainly not like the deep fried maida mathris... but I like them very much and this is the second time that I have ordered them.

Guiltfree teatime snack for the children

Never felt guilty giving this to the children and they loved it too. Ofcourse, I had my share of slices.

This is the first time having sourdough bread so I'm not sure if this is how it is meant to be. For me the crust was too hard and bread seemed dry. It might not be right to compare it the common store bread yet since I've been used to it I guess my expectations were on similar lines. The taste was nice though, hence 4 stars. I' wondering if it can have a softer crust.

It was ok

Being used to the simple Poha chivda made in Gujarati or Maharashtrian style, I found this one to have too much masala. In fact the masala coated dry fruits or coconut overpowered the poha and could hardly taste it. Since I was looking for something simple for my taste buds I din't enjoy it that much. But for those who like masala stuff, this might suit your palate.

Honest feedback

Well this was the first thing I tried from Sampoorna.
I have to say that the response from the team was prompt and they were helpful and easy to reach.

Coming to the cake it was not the extremely delicious or bad. I would say its hard to make really tasty cake without sugar or the unhealthy ingredients. However, this cake in terms of sweetness was perfect for me. But the almond butter and cocoa frosting wasn't up to my mark, I have tasted better.What I'm not sure about the quality of those two indigents (where its been sourced from) . The cake was moist which I really liked. Overall I would give it a 6/7 on 10. Where they could improve on is the frosting bit especially the in between layer could use a tad bit more.

However, till now this is the best GUILT free cake I have tried so I would definitely order again maybe try a different flavour.
Thank you for making the cake on short notice and delivering quick.

So yum and responsibly packaged!

So yum! Just the right amount of sweetness for me and the right bite size; glad the serving size is 2 - so I can savor it again w/o making any health tradeoff :) Perfect dessert after lunch!

Laddus were packaged in high-quality mason jars - appreciate the eco-friendly and reusable packaging. The delivery person was polite too.

Simply delicious

Difficult to believe that this cake is vegan and made with whole foods. Thank you for preparing this!!

Speaking mouthfully eating heartily!

Hello :) the texture of the cookies were amazing! So was the smell- as soon as i would open the box, i could smell the peanut butter....
There was a slight burnt aftertaste...but i ate it anyway since the peanut butter over powered it slightly...
A nice experience...anyday ill indulge in this healthy and tasty cookies :)

Way to go team!! All the best :*

Laddu is yum

Tasted nice.

Cake was really yummy

We had a great memorable day with delicious and healthy vegan cake. Cake was really yummy. I would like to recommend this cake and to choose Vegan diet as much as possible.

Good choice for family dinner

Ordered for a family meal, everyone enjoyed.


very tasty and healthy