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I received the trial version and loved it! Haven't been able to eat gulab jamuns for many years since I moved to healthier eating. This has an amazing texture, and the taste is also really nice. It isn't 100% exactly like gulab jamun, but so close that you get the same satisfaction, and not too sweet also.

Combo Meals | North Indian Cuisine
Shivnath Tripathy (Naaldwijk, NL)
Great service and healthy food

Thanks a lot to everyone for great service and healthy food in this difficult time.

Chinese Special Feast - Sunday, Lunch, 25 July 2021
Shalini Vijayagopalan (Bengaluru, IN)

Already reviewed on Instagram. Just absolutely loved it.
didn have the rice or the rotis or bao buns( basically none of the grain based items) But loved the other items. Idea was, as I was getting into a slightly stricter diet for a week, wanted a bit of an indulgence a day before. And it was sooo yummm and turns out that the indulgence actually Led to a weight loss the next. Can you believe it!!!! Definitely recommend to anyone.

I had loved your Christmas cake- so much that I had ordered it thrice :)

As compared to that, this one was average. Nevertheless a good cake :)

Healthy North Indian Snack Pack
Mansee Thard (Bengaluru, IN)
Yum North Indian snacks!

I especially love the mathris and bhakarwadis which you make- very very yum :) Also like the packaging

Multi-Seed Whole Wheat Buns - 4 pieces (300g)
Nivedita Patil (Bengaluru, IN)

Guilt free indulgence ..felt bit more of a seeds my 3yr old was refusing to eat due to seeds but when I removed it he thoroughly enjoyed it .

Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread - 700g
Shreyas Prakash (Bengaluru, IN)
Quality of food items very good but packaging was really poor

The quality of the bread was very good. Fresh product delivered which was great. However, the bread was simply put into a brown paper bag and delivered. I understand using organic products, less plastic etc. However, it was raining and due to the brown paper bag, the bread had become soggy due to the rain. But we managed to save it since we immediately took it out of the bag and stored it in a container. Maybe find some other ways to package products, especially during rainy season.

Thanks for the feedback Shreyas, since we got this, we have now implemented a system where we use a good quality water proof cover to cover the breads packages until they reach your home. Hopefully this helps solve the issue without compromising on using more sustainable packaging.

Jalapeno Sourdough Bread (500g)
Anuradha Arumugam (Bengaluru, IN)
It is a good bread

I like the bread. But i felt it was bit sour. Otherwise it was a good bread.

Combo Meals | North Indian Cuisine
Anjali Jorapur (Manassas, US)
Loved all of them !!

What ever I received today was wonderful !! Loved all of them !!

Gift a Plant Based Meal
Sunila R (Manassas, US)
It's great!

It's great! Lives up to Bakrid! ...very well, imo without having experienced actual Bakrid fare 😀
Blessedly vegan Bakrid! 😇🌛💜🙏🙏🙏❤️

Thank you.

Gift a Plant Based Meal
Raman Nagarajan (Bengaluru, IN)
Whole grain meal

Really taste and very good for health- really liked it a lot

Really rich and chewy

Loved the brownies - didn’t like the peanuts on top. Wd be lovely if you cd give ‘peanut toppings’ as an option.

Almond and Dark Chocolate - Cake-in-a-Jar (300ml)
Busy mum and doc (Bengaluru, IN)
Tasty and light

I ate this over a couple of days since it’s too much for one go. It’s delicious and doesn’t feel heavy. Initially I felt it could do with a bit more sweetness but I got used to it soon. Fulfills the chocolate craving.

Cant eat just one

These are little less sweeter but the taste is awesome.No one can eat just one

Great nutrition

Tastes heavenly. Since its nothing but just almonds, I believe it provides really good nutrition. I use with chapathis. And sometimes I use more than a spoonful :) it's THAT yumm

Gift a Plant Based Meal
Radhika Mundayat (Bengaluru, IN)
Healthy food for sure

The mea delivered to me was surely a healthy one with all the nutritients and variety. However, I felt the taste / satiety factor was greatly missing. My belief is that if a meal does not please the taste buds, then the right amount and type of saliva is not generated and as a result the nutrition may not really be absorbed!

I understand the philosophy and am very happy to see such a passionate effort, but it would have been a complete meal if the taste factor was there.

Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread - 700g
Jaya Chakravarty (Bengaluru, IN)
This bread is great

I am signing up for the subscription

Masala Methi Mathri (400g)
Sonia Arora (Bengaluru, IN)
Super yummy

It was so yummm, I couldn't stop on one.

Thx sampoornaahar team:)

Covid-19 Meals - 14 Meals Pack
Nahida Sunil (Bengaluru, IN)
Helped me get my energy back!

The meals were excellent. Felt more energetic and healthy after the meal plan. Ate vegetables that I probably would not have had otherwise.

Muesli Loaf - with fruits and nuts - 600g
Rani Swamy (Bengaluru, IN)
The Muesli

The Muesli loaf was excellent and very rich. It was nice and crunchy and a great accompaniment with soups

Flaxseed B12 Laddu
SURESH KUMAR (Bengaluru, IN)

The product is excellent. Its Healthy and Tasty .

Flaxseed B12 Laddu
Adithya Shekhar (Bengaluru, IN)
A very healthy dessert 😊

Sometimes we feel like eating some sweets after lunch. Instead of eating sweets made with white sugar, this is the best, healthy dessert substitute we must have.

Ribbon Pakoda (400g)
Himadri Sahoo (Bengaluru, IN)
Snacking pakoda

It is definitely healthy for everyone. Taste is not that attractive but we shouldn't run behind tatse always. I used it for snaking in the evening time.

Tasty and healthy cookies

Tasty and no doubt healthy cookies than the market ones. Slightly harder cookies. Very good for snacking. Will buy again.

Jalapeno Sourdough Bread (500g)
Himadri Sahoo (Bengaluru, IN)
Healthy bread

This is no doubt a healthy product everyone should try. The colour I the image is slightly yellowish but in real it is slightly whitish. Taste is average. I used it as my Lunch roti replacement due to lockdown of time during office hours. I spread peanut butter or ghee with it. Sometimes Egg ommelete also. Review Medals