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Roasted Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate Iced Cake
Jayalakshmi Jayanth (Bengaluru, IN)
Dream cake!

The cake was so beautiful to look at, sleek, rich and so dark! The dark chocolate cake has just the right sweetness and the gluten free para flour made it a very light dessert to consume. The hazelnut flavour added to the exotic-ness of the cake! Loved every part of it, especially the guilt free eating ;). Thank you Sampoorna Ahara!

Mango and Cashew Cake - Summer Special!
Siddharth Bharath (Bengaluru, IN)
I loved getting this for my birthday

I could share the cake with my grandparents who are diabetic. And the sweetness was just perfect for them. The cashew cream makes it indulgent without being too heavy and you feel full after a couple of pieces. Thoroughly recommend.

Kaju Elaichi Barfi
Geeta Ugru (Bengaluru, IN)
Kaju Barfi

Being dependent on natural food with no additives and preservatives, it was difficult for me to satiate my palate every time unless I found some interesting snacks at Sampoorna.

The kaju barfi were very tasty and I am glad that I have Sampoorna to turn around to fulfil my cravings.

Delicious Vegan cake

The cake was so moist and good and my parents loved it! Thank you so much for the lovely cake!

Healthy Food
Geeta Ugru (Bengaluru, IN)
Satisfied with the meals

It was a perfectly cooked meal today. I enjoyed it thoroughly!

1. The muskmelon fruit was ripened just right and very tasty.
2. The Amla pickle with the right amount of spices was very good as usual.
3. The millet rice was cooked to perfection. I could feel the nuances of its flavour.
4. The tangy green leafy Sambar was very tasty with the hint of spices.
5. The poriyal was perfectly cooked, retaining the right amount of crunch in the vegetables. The spices used had just blended amazingly well.
6. The fresh crunch of the cucumber, radish and tomatoes were awesome with cooked kidney beans and a hint of dressing in the salad.

Kindly convey my sincere respect to the chef and the team. It takes immense hard work, focus and dedication to keep up the quality.

God bless you all.

Punchy Pineapple, Cashew and Coconut Floral Cake
Raghunandan Damle (Hyderabad, IN)
Exquisite, wholesome version of pineapple cake!

The cake is exquisitely decorated, luscious and has a delicious pineapple flavour that is just right. I only wish it had a bit more dessicated coconut on the icing.

Masala Vada Crackers (400g)
Dipika Kapadia (Bengaluru, IN)

These crackers are very flavorful. Because they have no added fat they are not super crispy but the flavor is amazing. It’s like the essence of dal vada packed into a cracker.

Flax Seed Crackers (400g) (Grain-free)
Dipika Kapadia (Bengaluru, IN)

Much nicer than other flax crackers on the market. Thin, crisp, flavorful and good to eat on their own or with a healthy dip.

Caramel Chocolate Cake with Nuts
Nimisha Srinivas (Bengaluru, IN)
Yummiest Healthy Cake

Hi Team.

Thank you for the yummiest healthy cake.

Everyone loved it .

Healthy Food
S.P. (Bengaluru, IN)
Really enjoyed the food

Thank you. I really enjoyed the food. It was good for me. Thank you for this service. It's much needed and appreciated.

Healthy Food
Geeta Ugru (Bengaluru, IN)
Thank you very much for the lovely and healthy food.

Dear Sampoorna Ahaara Team,

After a long break due to travelling, I have resumed my routine.
I missed the Sampoorna Ahaara the most.

Thank you very much for the lovely and healthy food.
It is worth the price. I would say it was the most affordable healthy food I had ever tried till now.

The hint of fresh mint leaves with the Tulasi leaves in fruits was an awesome combination.
I had always loved your poriyal and sambar. So natural and yet tasty.
The amla pickle and blanched green leaves (Amaranthus) added a nice flavour to the meal.
The salad was very fresh with mild Lemon juice. I could feel the fresh crunch of the cucumber.

Overall, the meal had all six taste. I didn't feel my stomach heavy though I ate so much.
God bless you all.

Thank you.

Warm regards,

Iron Woman Bar | Date-sweetened Power Bar
Shubhanshi Tiwari (Bengaluru, IN)

I absolutely loved it, I love to snack on it

Citrus and Vanilla Truffles
Anirudh Mahanot (Bengaluru, IN)

Never thought Vegan sweets could be so tasty. The slight tanginess is the perfect surprise and combination for these truffles!!

Just the ideal cake

Yummy, mouth-watering and good for tummy. Taste is still lingering in our memories. Thankyou sampoornaahara for the cake. Looking for another special day to reorder the same.

Flaxseed B12 Laddu
Kirtika (Bengaluru, IN)
Great to satiate sweet cravings in a healthy way.

Brilliant way to include flax seeds in your daily routine. The taste is par excellence.

Perfect pre/post workout or snacking bar!

I absolutely look forward to start the day with these bars. The team has perfected and got the taste bang on.

Assorted Sweets | Assorted Sweet Box
Roopashri Honnaiah (Bengaluru, IN)
Tasty sugarless sweets

Tasty sugar free sweets. Did not miss the sugar at all. Will definitely order more for future celebrations.

One of the best tasting cakes I have had in a long long time! especially the pomegranate in the middle was delicious! Just the right amount of sweetness in the cashew cream as well! Loved every bite of it. ❤️

Soft and Flavourful

I liked it. It isn't like normal til laddu. But you can taste the til nicely and its complemented by the dates taste. We enjoyed it for our family gathering during the festival. It got polished off in a few mins.

Flaxseed B12 Laddu
Raghunandan Damle (Bengaluru, IN)

I've struggled to incorporate flax seeds into my diet, eating them irregularly in the form of chikki or adding them to muesli. Now I have found the perfect way to eat flax seeds - in the form of these delicious laddus! It has quickly become my favourite snack and I can honestly say I don't think I could ever get bored of this snack! It has just the right amount of sweetness, it's texture is perfect and I feel so good after eating them - I can tell my body loves them. I have been eating them for a few months now and they are always consistently good and packaged so smartly in a handy glass bottle! Thank you Sampoorna Aahara for making this perfect snack!

Really tasty

Healthy Food
Darshana V (Bengaluru, IN)
My food worries are sorted

Freedom from the dreaded question from cook "didi, Aaj kya banana hai"? Thanks to Sampoorna Ahara. I no longer have to worry about grocery shopping, maid / cook troubles. Getting healthy food on a daily basis is difficult and it's now been simplified for me. I like the variety, taste and timely delivery. Happy with the service

Healthy Chocolate delight

Thank you, team! We enjoyed the cake! It's healthy, delicious and loaded with chocolate.

Flaxseed B12 Laddu
Supriya Shetake (Pune, IN)
Ingredients are healthy but combination could have been improved to make it tastier

I ordered looking at healthy pictures on the website and delivered to the same expectations. But I couldn't approve taste much. Homemade ladoos I make with flax seeds powder seem to be much healthier and tastier than this.

Low Salt Version - Flavours are more

In the low salt version, flavours are more strong. It should be light. Doesn't seem to taste good. Review Medals