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Scientific & 
Complete Nutrition

All meals & products are based on cutting edge Nutrition Research, mentored by New York Times bestselling author & Founder of NutritionFacts.org, 
Dr. Michael Greger

Easy & Convenient

Delivered fresh to your doorstep. Just eat and enjoy! No planning, shopping, cleaning, or cooking.

Delicious Flavours

Chef-crafted Meals & Specials from International Cuisines. Taste the best of forgotten foods and favourite delicacies from all over India and the world everyday.

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What Experts Are Saying

Dr. R Saravanan

BHMS, PGDHSC (Applied Nutrition), ACLM

Plant-based Lifestyle Physician

"Sampoorna Ahara is an amazing initiative! The meals offered by them are nutritious, delicious, wholesome and satiating, carefully prepared by the dedicated team under the direct monitoring of  Dr Achyuthan Eswar."

Saee Bapat

Holistic Nutrition Health Coach, Yoga Therapist & Founder, Clean Eating With Saee

"Being a health coach promoting a whole plant-based diet, I get asked this question often, 
"Where can we get nutritionally balanced, clean yet tasty food outside? Being unable to cook at home, due to lack of time or expertise, is there a place where we can get it ready-made?"

And our prayers have been answered by SampoornaAhara.com. We are their loyal customers since inception and very satisfied with our Sunday lunch. It’s a totally green, eco-friendly initiative! The team has really spoilt us for choices. They prepare so many different, tasty cuisines from Hyderabadi Biryani to Sandwiches and Burgers! My children are thrilled each time we receive our meals from them. They devour the crispies, laddos, bread, and muffins!
Knowing that the meal is totally clean, there is not a drop of oil, refined sugar, refined flour, or dairy products in it, we can enjoy the meals without doubt in our minds. I definitely would recommend their meals and other healthy snacks to everyone who is looking for authentic whole plant-based food.

Thank you team SampoornaAhara.com for helping so many people with the delicious whole plant-based food in their health journeys.🙏"

Three Plant-based Meal Types to Choose From

South Indian Thali

No matter where you go, if Bisi Bele Bath makes you feel warm inside, this is the meal for you.

Includes Karnataka, Tamil, Kerala & Andhra Cuisines

Gourmet Thali

Enjoy the World on your Plate from the Comfort of your Home.

Includes South Indian, North Indian & International Cuisines.

North Indian Thali

Homestyle Meals to Satisfy Your Craving for Ma's Dal Chawal & Roti Rajma.

Includes Punjabi, Rajasthani, Bengali, Maharasthra & Gujarati Cuisines.


Feeding People with Care

After Helping thousands of people successfully prevent, treat and reverse chronic diet-induced diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease, we started SampoornaAhara.com when they all wishfully said 'if only someone cooked for us like this daily, we would happily eat and become healthy'. 

Healthy Eating, Now Made Easy! Just order your first tiffin box and indulge in drool-worthy yet healing meals.

Founded by Dr. Achyuthan Eswar & Team

Eat Healthy & Right

We are absolute foodies! And we know you are probably as well.

Didn't you ever wish that you could eat all the tastiest foods you wanted and not fall sick afterwards? You totally can!

Our Meals are 100% Whole Food Plant Based & Vegan, with ZERO animal foods & processed foods, but your tongue will never know the difference!

What are you craving today?

Sampoorna Ahara Thali - for Complete, Balanced & Satisfying Plant-based Meals

Subscribe to this if you want to cover all bases and eat all the healthy food varieties you need to eat everyday with five delicious dishes at every meal for adults.
Fun Meals for Kids
Is your child a fussy eater? Don't worry! Sit back and relax as we serve the healthiest foods to your little one, disguised as cutlets, bondas, finger chips, and chocolate, too!
Indulgent Feast Boxes & Power Bar Add-ons
Whether you're an athlete or a foodie (or both!), we have something for everyone! Get heirloom grain rotis, artisanal breads, desserts with zero added sugar, baked snacks with zero added oil, plant-based dairy alternatives, handmade power bars with zero animal or processed foods, and much more, as add-ons to your meals! Click ORDER NOW for details.

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