Whole Food Plant Based Recipes - SampoornaAhara.com
Whole Food Plant Based Recipes - SampoornaAhara.com
Whole Food Plant Based Recipes - SampoornaAhara.com
Whole Food Plant Based Recipes - SampoornaAhara.com
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The kitchen table is a place that should nurture and heal, instead, it has become a place where lifestyle diseases originate.

Sampoorna Ahara is on a mission to replace the glory of this table and make it the Origin of Health through applying practices of whole food plant based recipes.

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Be Blessed,
Dr. Achyuthan Eswar & team

Nutrition Highlights

Answers the 'why' and 'how' of Plant Based Cooking

Plant Based Beverages

The Healthiest Beverages You can ever Concoct at Home

Plant Based Chutneys & Butter

Never miss your favorite chutneys & butter the plant-based way

Plant Based Currys

No Oil Currys - cooked without losing the traditional flavor or the rich nutrients

Plant Based Desserts

No Sugar. No Jaggery. No Dairy. 100% Sweet Magic is inside. Learn how to prepare desserts that help you maintain optimal weight and health.

The Healthiest Recipes

  • Zero Oil
  • Zero Dairy
  • Zero Sugar/Jaggery
  • Scientifically Planned Recipes

Whole Food Plant Based Recipes

Why whole grains?
Why cool grains?
Why Flaxseed powder?
What's wrong with roasting?
Why Miso Paste?
Why wait until starchy vegetables are
Why nuts instead of oil?
Why not honey, sugar or jaggery?
Why raw dishes at meals?
Why not dairy?
Why legumes?
Why not tadka?
Why crush garlic and wait?
Why spices?
The healthiest beverages
Why methi seeds?
Why not frying?
What's wrong with baking?
Why mustard seeds?
Is tofu healthy?
Why not olive oil?
Is vinegar healthy?
Why some raw cauliflower?

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I have started with sampoorna ahara food 3 months back with acidity issue but to my surprise it has changed my weight and cholesterol level.

Vinay Kaul

I adopted a plant based diet about 10 months back based on several books that I read over the past 12 months.

S Kumar

I am Looking healthier, definitely more energetic & brighter after Sampoornaahara Food

FAQ on Plant Based Recipes eBook