Sampoorna Ahara
Sampoorna Ahara
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South Indian Thali Subscription

Tradition meets science to create the healthiest meal plan. Ever. Granny approved. Backed by scientists. Doctor designed. Only the most nutritious ingredients. Zero oil, dairy, sugar. Pure Veg+. Something new from diverse South Indian cuisines everyday. 5 dishes with all healthy food groups:

  • Juicy Fresh Fruit Starter
  • Two Nutritious Vegetable Dishes including Green Leafy Vegetables & Cruciferous Vegetables., including pallya, poriyal, vepudu, podimas, and roasts
  • Unpolished Traditional Whole Grains like Red or Brown Rice & Millet Rice, Idli, & Kadubu
  • Protein-rich Side Dish of the Day, like Sambar, Kootu, Gojju, Pappu, Avial, Saaru and more!
Nutrition Facts: 850 to 1,000 Calories. Serves one person. Feel Full & Light!
Order & start within TWO DAYS across Bangalore (same day delivery not available).


Trial Week: Just 5 Meals

​plus 5% GST, start within 2 days
  • Try 5 Meals over 1 week before subscribing
  • Zero Delivery Fees
  • Just ₹240 ₹199/meal
  • Sustainability fee of ₹99 waived
  • Delicious Add-ons Available - see below
  • Convenience of Multiple Delivery Addresses
  • Cancel anytime with 2 days notice and get full credit or donate your meal.

Delicious Add-on Options

Feast Box

Are you looking for something that is insanely delicious while being healthy at the same time? Convert your Thali into a Royal Feast with four treats:

  • Grain Specialty: Dosa, Pesarattu, Akki Roti, Ragi Roti, Dibba Roti.
  • Baked Snack with Zero Added Oil, like ribbon pakoda, misture, and murukku/chakli.
  • Plant-based Dairy Alternative, like pacchadi, curds and buttermylk
  • Vegan Dessert with Zero Dairy, Sugar, Jaggery or Honey, like payasam, barfi, halwa, and laddoo
  • INR ₹150 145/box + 5% GST

Power Bar

We know the amazing benefits of eating healthy, not just on our long term health but also on our immediate performance, strength and fitness levels. Enjoy better health & performance with our Power Bar add-on

  • 60 gram Power Bar
  • Made with Nuts, Dry Fruits, Spices, and Nothing Else!
  • Zero Added Oil, Dairy, Sugar, Jaggery or Honey
  • Perfect as a Pre- or Post-workout Snack
  • INR ₹75 65/bar + 5% GST

Delivered to your Doorstep

Meals delivered to your home or office for Lunch & Dinner on your chosen delivery days. All days of the week available. Multiple Delivery Addresses.

INR 20 Discount/meal

Subscribe to 5 meals/week or more and get INR 20 discount on every meal! No hidden fees. No security deposit. Cancel anytime with 2 days notice and get full Sampoorna Ahara credit to your balance with us.

Zero Waste

Delivered in Sustainable Reusable Tiffin Boxes, used on rotation for you for a small Sustainability Fee