Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread - 700g

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Simple, yet delicious loaves of whole wheat bread, ideal for making sandwiches.
Just 3 ingredients!
Ingredients - Whole Wheat Flour, water, salt

Customer Reviews

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Shreyas Prakash (Bengaluru, IN)
Quality of food items very good but packaging was really poor

The quality of the bread was very good. Fresh product delivered which was great. However, the bread was simply put into a brown paper bag and delivered. I understand using organic products, less plastic etc. However, it was raining and due to the brown paper bag, the bread had become soggy due to the rain. But we managed to save it since we immediately took it out of the bag and stored it in a container. Maybe find some other ways to package products, especially during rainy season.

Thanks for the feedback Shreyas, since we got this, we have now implemented a system where we use a good quality water proof cover to cover the breads packages until they reach your home. Hopefully this helps solve the issue without compromising on using more sustainable packaging.

Jaya Chakravarty (Bengaluru, IN)
This bread is great

I am signing up for the subscription

Kshama R (Bengaluru, IN)

So glad I found you guys. Worth the extra cost to get bread with just simple good ingredients for my kids!