Wheat Chakkali

Rs. 472.00

Tasty & Healthy Wheat Chakkali

Perfectly baked Crunchy spicy swirls made with whole wheat, peanuts, spices and just the right amount of salt!

  • Whole Wheat
  • Brown Rice
  • Red Chilly
  • Turmeric
  • Peanuts
  • Hing
  • Soya beans
  • Cumin
  • Salt
Rs. 472.00

Why Wheat Based Diet And Food?

Rich in fiber

Fiber is one of the most needed nutrients for the human body. Our Ragi based snacks are rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamon E, iron, calcium, proteins, and fibre.

Controls Obesity

Consuming whole wheat products on a regular basis can really help you prevent suffering from obesity or considerable weight loss.

Good for skin

Whole wheat being rich in zinc, helps you repair skin and slows down the ageing process.

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Our Frequently Purchased Healthy Snacks

Doctors Who Believe in our healthy snacks

Doctors Who Believe in our healthy snacks

I was gifted Sampoorna Ahara’s Diwali gift box and it was truly a treasure. Everything was whole and plant based and totally delicious. Everything was not only made with care but packed in an eco-friendly way which shows that a lot of thought and love has gone into it. Everyone should try this at least once!

Customer image

Dr. Nandita Shah

Lifestyle Physician & Founder, SHARAN

Sampoorna Ahara is an amazing initiative! The meals offered by them are nutritious, delicious, wholesome and satiating, carefully prepared by the dedicated team under the direct monitoring of Dr Achyuthan Eswar.

Customer image

Dr. R Saravanan

Plant-based Lifestyle Physician, BHMS, PGDHSC (Applied Nutrition), ACLM

Sampoorna Ahara is truly Sampoorna (Complete) with a great menu, Truly natural and healthy. Have been searching for such a facility for long. Its complete with so many varieties and healthy options. One would be surprised that healthy food can also be so tasty. Loved it.

Customer image

Prof. Dr. Abhay M. Shankaregowda

Principal, Maharishi Aurobindo Subharti College & Hospital of Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences.

As a children's ICU doctor - our lives revolve around sick children, anxious parents, long & unpredictable hours at the hospital. After crossing the age 40, the body started complaining. After 2 years of various trail and error, I finally stumbled on something that works. Whole Plant based foods from Sampoorna Ahara is not only healthy, filling and nutritious - the taste buds love it too.

Customer image

Dr. Chetan Ginigeri

Head of Dept - Paediatric & Neonatal services Aster CMI Hospital, Hebbal, Bangalore

Thank you very much for the delicious eatables you you sent. The dryfruit laddu was very rich in taste and nutritious. The Chivda is something I am eating daily during tea time. Also tried Flax seed laddu. May be very healthy. Many congratulations for the wonderful products you have developed.

Customer image

Dr. Manjunath NK Sharma

Pro Vice Chancellor, SVYASA Deemed-to-be-University

Being a health coach promoting a whole plant-based diet, I get asked this question often, "Where can we get nutritionally balanced, clean yet tasty food outside? Being unable to cook at home, due to lack of time or expertise, is there a place where we can get it ready-made?" And our prayers have been answered by SampoornaAhara.com.

Customer image

Saee Bapat

Holistic Nutrition Health Coach, Yoga Therapist & Founder, Clean Eating With Saee

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Whole Food Plant Based Diet - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide
Whole Food Plant Based Diet - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide
Whole Food Plant Based Diet - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide
Whole Food Plant Based Diet - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide
Whole Food Plant Based Diet - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Whole Food Plant Based Diet - The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

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Gift a Plant Based Meal

Rs. 425.00

Diet & Lifestyle Consultation with Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, Founder, Sampoorna Ahara

Dr. Achyuthan Eswar is a Naturopathy, Yoga and Acupuncture physician who is on a mission to make people all over the world healthy with Evidence-Based Naturopathy and Yoga rooted in ancient traditional practices and customs.
If you are looking to get healthy and stay healthy, this consultation is for you. A plant based whole food diet has been shown to help prevent, treat and even potentially reverse chronic lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, asthma, PCOS, and hypertension.

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What Our Customers are saying about Tasty and healthy Wheat chakkali

As a working mother my main concern is providing nutritional snacks for my kids. They enjoy crunchy food but the snacks outside is really unhealthy. I am glad I came across Sampoorna Ahara wheat chakkali. It is so crunchy and tasty. It even fulfills my kids craving for snacks.


I think my evening snacks with tea is a deciding factor of how my entire day goes by. Sampoorna Ahara wheat chakkali is my favourite tea partner now. I don't even have to watch out for my diet since it is wheat based.

Amruth Sheshagiri

The packed food that I get is either really oily or too dry. With Sampoorna Ahara Wheat Chakali, I didn't have that issue. The food is perfectly made with great tastes. It keeps you wanting for more.


Customer Reviews

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Prabhakar A (Bengaluru, IN)

Healthy and tasty.. little hard though.

What Our Customers are saying about Tasty and healthy Wheat chakkali

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