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  • Flaxseed B12 Laddu (6 Months Subscription at a discount) - Sampoorna Ahara - Healthy Food, Food Delivery, Food Order Online, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Breakfast, Sourdough Breads, Sugar-free Desserts
  • Flaxseed B12 Laddu (6 Months Subscription at a discount) - Sampoorna Ahara - Healthy Food, Food Delivery, Food Order Online, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Breakfast, Sourdough Breads, Sugar-free Desserts
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Flaxseed B12 Laddu (6 Months Subscription at a discount)

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We thought, why take B12 supplements when you can enjoy laddus instead? And the Flaxseed B12 Laddu was born! Take two laddus daily to meet your Flaxseed & Vitamin B12 recommendations.

  • 60 flaxseed laddus delivered approx every 30 days, first delivery between 2-8 days of order based on location.
  • Cancel or make changes to your subscription with 2 days notice by emailing us at with your request.
  • Auto-renewed at the end of 6 months unless cancelled.
  • If cancelled mid cycle, credit for undelivered items can be used towards future purchases from us. No cash refunds possible.

PLEASE NOTE: We deliver to most areas of Bangalore. In case you are outside our delivery radius, you may not be able to check out with the 'Bangalore' option. Not to worry, though, just choose 'Rest of India' option and we shall parcel your Flaxseed B12 Laddus to you!

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Flax seeds are a traditional Indian superfood. Fortified with essential Vitamin B12(cyanocobalamin), they become even better!

Here's why Flax seeds are amazingly healthy:

Anti Cancer: Flax seeds have more than 100 times cancer-fighting lignan content than other foods. Research has shown that they can help in breast and prostate cancers.

Blood Pressure Regulation: One tbsp flax seeds may lower BP as powerfully as a leading antihypertensive medication.

Blood Sugar Regulation: Flax seeds help control blood sugar levels when consumed with meals.

Lowers Cholesterol: Flax seeds have been proven to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Lower Inflammation: Flax seeds have antioxidant phytonutrients that help lower inflammation and improve immune function.

Better Bowel Movements: Flax seeds exude a gel when consumed, softening stools and treating constipation.

Daily Dozen Checklist:
✓ Flax seeds: 1/2 serving per laddu
✓ Other Fruits: 1/4 serving per laddu
✓ Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

How to use: Enjoy two laddus daily to meet your flax seed requirement for the day. Each laddoo also has enough Vitamin B12 for the day. (You need not worry about taking too much. Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, so you will just pee out the extra B12!)

Ingredients: Dates, Flax seeds*, Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)
* Organic Ingredients

Flavours: Cardamom, Vanilla & Chocolate

Best before 30 days from the date of manufacturing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Kirtika (Bengaluru, IN)
Great to satiate sweet cravings in a healthy way.

Brilliant way to include flax seeds in your daily routine. The taste is par excellence.

Raghunandan Damle (Bengaluru, IN)

I've struggled to incorporate flax seeds into my diet, eating them irregularly in the form of chikki or adding them to muesli. Now I have found the perfect way to eat flax seeds - in the form of these delicious laddus! It has quickly become my favourite snack and I can honestly say I don't think I could ever get bored of this snack! It has just the right amount of sweetness, it's texture is perfect and I feel so good after eating them - I can tell my body loves them. I have been eating them for a few months now and they are always consistently good and packaged so smartly in a handy glass bottle! Thank you Sampoorna Aahara for making this perfect snack!

Supriya Shetake (Pune, IN)
Ingredients are healthy but combination could have been improved to make it tastier

I ordered looking at healthy pictures on the website and delivered to the same expectations. But I couldn't approve taste much. Homemade ladoos I make with flax seeds powder seem to be much healthier and tastier than this.

Rakhi Kashyap (Bengaluru, IN)
Healthy, Strength giving

Thanks for making this recipe. I'm on whole plant based diet since a month and was looking for a snack in the evening and this one fits all the recipe I am eating. Thank you Sampoorna team. It's so difficult to find entirely healthy food nowadays. My sincere gratitude

Mythili (Bengaluru, IN)

Very delicious and healthy. Loved the size of the laddoo. Perfect for a snack Review Medals