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Would you like to have exceptionally healthy and tasty meals conveniently delivered to your home? Introducing the perfect solution for you with our Whole Food Plant Based Meals. Order now and get a fruit starter, two vegetable dishes, unpolished rice, and side dish with every meal, with one roti on alternate days!

Specialty of Plant-based Wellness Meals

  • The key specialty of Wellness Meal Plan is Variety.
  • Health Benefits of Wellness Meals:
    • Fight Free Radicals: The secret to reducing oxidative stress is antioxidant phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are plant nutrients that plants manufacture to keep themselves healthy, like chlorophyll. When we consume whole plant foods, the same phytonutrients keep us healthy! Did you know, chlorophyll from green leafy vegetables can actually help our body produce energy from sunlight! Wow!
    • Variety of Foods, Variety of Phytonutrients: Every fruit, vegetable, and spice has its own unique blend of phytonutrients. Research has found that among people who eat health diets, those who ate a larger variety of foods enjoyed better health than others. This could help explain why.
    • Whole Health: Every phytonutrient has unique functions in the body. Chlorophyll helps produce energy from sunlight. Allicin in garlic helps fight inflammation in the lungs. Beetroot phytonutrients protect our urinary bladder, and so on. A holistic approach to health includes health for every organ system.
    • More than Disease Prevention: Health is more than just disease prevention. Plant-based Wellness Meals are designed for achieving and preserving Optimal Health and Longevity. They are designed to boost energy levels, improve sleep and strengthen muscle recovery post workout too!
  • How we do it: Wellness meals are designed with a wide variety of ingredients and dishes. They are low salt and two meals a day help you meet 100% or more of the Foods in Dr. Greger's Daily Dozen Checklist for Optimal Health. 
  • Each Plant-based Wellness Meal has 850 to 950 calories.
  • Cuisine: Wellness meals are influenced by pan-Indian cuisines. They may include dishes from various cultures all over India, along with Fusion dishes to cater to a wide range of palates. Check out our sample menu below.

What Does Each Wellness Meal Include?

Each Plant-based Wellness Meal includes five dishes:

  • Fruit Starter
  • Two Vegetable Dishes, like fresh vegetable salad, pallya, thoran, poriyal, sabzi, and gravies
  • One Main Dish, like unpolished rice, millet rice, idli. dosa (with one roti on alternate days)
  • One Side Dish, like sambar, dal, and chana
  • BONUS: Get an assorted flavour of Flaxseed B12 laddu with every meal!

How Does it Work?

When we became aware that our Diet is the #1 risk factor for death in India, we decided to start eating healthier before we fell sick. For three months, we suffered through boiled vegetables and bland khichdi - until we had a breakthrough! We learnt how to cook and dine on exciting feasts that can keep us healthy at the same time!

Whole food plant based nutrition has been scientifically tested and proven to successfully prevent diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease for a majority of people. Unlike popular belief, these diseases are because the genes run in families - it's because diets run in families. And it's time to change that!

Take charge of your diet. Take charge of your future. Start your Plant-based Journey today. Every single one of us deserves health!

What Do You Get?

Sign up today to get:

  • 100% Whole Food Plant Based Meals Ready to Heat & Eat
    • Freshly Prepared & Immediately Door Delivered across Bengaluru
    • Designed by Doctors for Optimal Health
    • Incorporating Latest Nutrition Research for Disease Prevention & Enhancing Fitness
    • Choice of portion sizes
  • BONUS: Plant-based Kickstart Online Course by Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, Lifestyle Physician & Co-founder, SampoornaAhara.com
  • BONUS 2: Order Starter Pack now and get a special Discount for Monthly Subscription!

Personal consultation, disease-specific meals and long term programs also available for those who need it.

Sample Wellness Meal Menus

    • 🍉 Fruit Starter
    • 🍉 North Karnataka Salad with Raw Methi Greens | Cucumber, radish, gooseberry salad with fenugreek leaves, roasted peanuts and mustard seeds with a dash of lime
    • 🍉 Heerekai Kadlekaalu Palya | Ridge gourd, chana and potato gravy cooked in a tomato, sesame seeds and creamy peanut butter gravy
    • 🍉 Soppu Saaru | Lentil stew cooked with fresh greens in sambar tomato masala
    • 🍉 Lemon Rice Chitranna | Gently cooked lemon rice with roasted peanuts, mustard seeds, and fresh coriander leaves
    • 🍉 Flaxseed B12 Laddu


    • 🍉 Fresh Fruit Starter
    • 🍉 Kachumber | Salad with cucumber, tomatoes, sweet corn and radish garnished with raisins and roasted peanuts
    • 🍉 Tandoori Sabji | Cauliflower and fresh capsicum slow cooked in tandoori spices 
    • 🍉 Palak Masoor Dal | Pink lentils cooked with fresh spinach in tomato gravy
    • 🍉 Spiced Rice | Wholesome, gently cooked brown rice (Rotis served for dinner daily)
    • 🍉 Flaxseed B12 Laddu

Why Plant Based Meals?

Research has shown that whole food plant based meals with low or zero oil and dairy may help:

  • Reach your Ideal Weight
  • Reduce risk of diseases like diabetes, high BP, obesity and heart disease
  • Treat and prevent complications of chronic diseases
  • Help you avoid unnecessary hospital admissions by improving health outcomes
  • Improve muscle strength and flexibility
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve sleep and fight fatigue

BONUS: Plant-based Kickstart Online Course

Get complimentary access to our Plant-based Kickstart Online Course by Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, Co-founder, SampoornaAhara.com & NutritionScience.in. Watch the videos at the comfort of your home to learn:

  • What is Whole Food Plant Based Diet?
  • What makes Sampoorna Ahara meals special?
  • How do Sampoorna Ahara meals help you prevent disease?
  • How to eat a Sampoorna Ahara meal for Maximum Health Benefit?
  • Root Causes of Obesity, Diabetes, High BP and Heart Disease, and how to avoid them
  • How to Get Started with Plant-based Nutrition

Meal Delivery Details

  • Door delivery across Bengaluru
  • Zero Packaging Fees. Wholegrain Meals are delivered in sanitised steel tiffin boxes, used on rotation for you.
  • MRP Inclusive of GST. No added tax.
  • Choose delivery time from lunch or dinner or both
  • Choose Delivery Dates after Checkout (form will be sent to your email inbox. We can start within 2 days. Same day delivery not available)
  • Cancel or pause anytime with 2 days notice and get full credit to your wallet balance with us, Cancellations with less 2 days notice not available, but you can ask us to donate your meal as part of our regular food donation program.
  • Introductory Discount available! Use coupon code GETHEALTHY to get Rs. 80 off on your first Starter Pack order!

What Experts Say About Sampoorna Ahara

Dr. Nandita Shah

Lifestyle Physician & Founder, SHARAN

"I was gifted Sampoorna Ahara’s Diwali gift box and it was truly a treasure. Everything was whole and plant based and totally delicious. Everything was not only made with care but packed in an eco-friendly way which shows that a lot of thought and love has gone into it. Everyone should try this at least once!"

Dr Chetan Ginigeri


Head of Dept - Paediatric & Neonatal services  Aster CMI Hospital, Hebbal, Bangalore

"As a children's ICU doctor - our lives revolve around sick children, anxious parents, long & unpredictable hours at the hospital. After crossing the age 40, the body started complaining. After 2 years of various trail and error, I finally stumbled on something that works. 

Whole Plant based foods from Sampoorna Ahara is not only healthy, filling and nutritious - the taste buds love it too. The variety is great to keep you from getting bored and give up. The support team backend, transport of food to various addresses, the ease of making payments , constant open communication channels through phone, WhatsApp and emails is a delight for a busy Clinician like me. The website and app is educative, non-dogmatic and persuasive in a gentle prodding way. I have lost 10 kgs but the main gain have been great energy levels and great mood to handle what comes our way on daily basis. Try it - your body and mind will thank you for it.

Thank you Sampoorna Ahara"

Dr. R Saravanan

Plant-based Lifestyle Physician, BHMS, PGDHSC (Applied Nutrition), ACLM

"Sampoorna Ahara is an amazing initiative! The meals offered by them are nutritious, delicious, wholesome and satiating, carefully prepared by the dedicated team under the direct monitoring of  Dr Achyuthan Eswar."

Saee Bapat

Holistic Nutrition Health Coach, Yoga Therapist & Founder, Clean Eating With Saee

"Being a health coach promoting a whole plant-based diet, I get asked this question often, "Where can we get nutritionally balanced, clean yet tasty food outside? Being unable to cook at home, due to lack of time or expertise, is there a place where we can get it ready-made?"

And our prayers have been answered by SampoornaAhara.com. We are their loyal customers since inception and very satisfied with our Sunday lunch. It’s a totally green, eco-friendly initiative! The team has really spoilt us for choices. They prepare so many different, tasty cuisines from Hyderabadi Biryani to Sandwiches and Burgers! My children are thrilled each time we receive our meals from them. They devour the crispies, laddos, bread, and muffins! Knowing that the meal is totally clean, there is not a drop of oil, refined sugar, refined flour, or dairy products in it, we can enjoy the meals without doubt in our minds. I definitely would recommend their meals and other healthy snacks to everyone who is looking for authentic whole plant-based food.

Thank you team SampoornaAhara.com for helping so many people with the delicious whole plant-based food in their health journeys.🙏"

Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, Co-founder, Sampoorna Ahara


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 11 reviews
    4 Day Gourmet Meal

    The salads and curries were very good and tasty. We didn't feel any extra masalas or salt was needed. We felt super light even though the meal was very filling and there was no bloating. The quantity is a bit more for one person.

    Plant Based Whole Food

    Loved the combination of vegetarian food - low glycemic index grains with wholesome cooked vegetables, lentils etc.

    Loved it more than I expected !!!!

    Thank you for the first delivery of Sampoorna Ahara which I enjoyed immensely both in terms of the selection of dishes and the individual taste of each of the specially curated menu. I had heard many good references of your menu and thought of experiencing the quality personally. I adopted a plant based diet about 10 months back based on several books that I read over the past 12 months. I am looking forward to the delivery of your Sampoorna Ahara for the next 3 days.

    Excellent, healthy and tasty meal

    Thankyou so much sampoorna Ahara.The food was very tasty without compromising on health. Was so excited to see the sweets and Chakli with out a drop of oil. Loved and enjoyed today's sankranti special meal.

    South Indian thali for lunch

    The South Indian thali I had for 5 days was exceptional