Gluten Free | Protein-Packed | Red Lentil and Peanut Loaf 600g - Grain Free

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Just take a slice, and toast it to a crunchy hearty goodness, spread on your favourite toppings and enjoy! A completely grain-free loaf of bread, with the healthy buttery-ness of peanut butter.

We have had a breakthrough in finding a fresh, convenient, and amazing grain-free loaf of bread, we are thrilled to share this with you! Conveniently home-delivered. 

Ingredients: Red Lentil (Masoor dal), Peanut, Flaxseed powder, Antu (Resin from the cluster bean plant), Salt, Yeast

Shelf life - Best before 3 days from baking at room temperature. Slice and Freeze for up to 2 months if you would like. 

Delivery in 2-4 days from ordering. Made fresh to order.

Customer Reviews

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Healthy & Tasty

I've ordered this twice already and the loaves were great each time. Goes well with spreads from Sampoorna Ahara or stuff that you normally would have in your pantry. You can definitely taste the base dal when eaten as is (not too strong) but the spreads can mask it well if so desired. Bit dense in texture as forthrightly described in their page. A couple of slices are quite filling, thanks to the high protein content. Please introduce more such low-carb, high-protein options for breads and snacks!

Yay! Grain-free bread.

Thanks for this! Been waiting for a long time.

Loved it

The team sent me a sample loaf and I loved it. Ordered another now. When toasted, it has a pleasant flavour similar to lentil dosas and bread as well. Enjoyed it with an olive hummus.