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Mango and Cashew Cake-in-a-Jar 300ml

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Cake-in-a-jar sounds fun doesn't it? 

Enjoy the Summer with a Decadent Mango Cake Jar made with layers of vanilla sponge, Cashew Cream, Farm Fresh Mangoes, decorated with a Delicious Mango Puree.
We don't use any sugar, maida, oil, eggs or dairy in our products. This jar should be enough for 2 servings.

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour/Oats flour, Mango, Aluminium-free Baking Powder, Baking Soda, Cashew Butter, Vanilla Extract, Dates, Erythritol, Banana, Apple Cider Vinegar, Whole Coconut Butter
Shelf-life: store in the fridge on arrival, 3 days from delivery.

Is your mouth watering? This just begins to describe Sampoorna Ahara's cake-in-a-jar! The absolute perfect snack to fulfil those sweet cravings now comes in a convenient glass jar. Vegan, sugar/jaggery-free, oil-free, maida-free, our cake-in-a-jar is as wholesome as cakes get. They are also free from artificial colours and preservatives. 

Feel full, satisfied and light with our whole food plant based cake-in-a-jar. Enjoy this dessert while also preserving your health. No inflammation, no quick blood sugar spike, no trans fat, this cake-in-a-jar is actually packed with fiber, is nutrition-rich and high in antioxidants. Health has never tasted better! Keep those empty calories at bay while still having a blast with this fun dessert! Dig in to decadence and enjoy spoonfuls of creamy cake, crunchy Cashew and sweetness that just fills your senses!

Perfect for children and adults alike, Sampoorna Ahara's cake-in-a-jar is a great way to introduce healthy habits to your loved ones (and of course, yourself as well). Replace your sugary chocolates, maida-cakes, and dairy-heavy snacks with our delicious cake-in-a-jar.

Enjoy this decadent cake-in-a-jar just the way you like it! Right out of the refrigerator on a hot summer afternoon or warm and gooey on a cool night. The choice is yours! It tastes great either way!

Please note that orders take 2-4 days to fulfil.

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