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  • Healthy North Indian Snack Pack - Sampoorna Ahara - Healthy Food, Tasty Food
  • Healthy North Indian Snack Pack - Sampoorna Ahara - Healthy Food, Tasty Food
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Healthy North Indian Snack Pack

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Planning for your snack needs and ensuring you have the right snacks available, helps ensure you snack healthy all the time,  just like how you plan your meals.

Choose a pack per your needs and forget about your snack requirement for few weeks or even better, subscribe and forget about your snack requirement for few months at more discount!

The North Indian Snack Pack contains snacks that cater to the North Indian tastes, but  made with heathiest WFPB ingredients and just the needed salt.

We make snacks with moderate levels of salt for beginners. For Whole Food Plant Based Pro's we make our snacks with low levels of salt as recommended by Dr. Michael Gregor. To enjoy no salt snacks leave comment "No Salt" in notes during checkout.

  • 1kg North Indian Snack Pack
    • Wheat Chakkali(200g)
    • Bhakervadi -Dates Sweetened(200g)
    • Poha Chivda -Dates Sweetened(200g)
    • Ajwain Sev(200g)
    • Masala Methi Mathri(200g)
      • 2kg North Indian Snack Pack
        • Wheat Chakkali(400g)
        • Bhakervadi -Dates Sweetened(400g)
        • Poha Chivda -Dates Sweetened(400g)
        • Karanji(400g)
        • Masala Methi Mathri(400g)
      • 4kg North Indian Snack Pack
        • Wheat Chakkali(400g)
        • Bhakervadi -Dates Sweetened(400g)
        • Poha Chivda -Dates Sweetened(400g)
        • Karanji(400g)
        • Masala Methi Mathri(400g)
        • Ajwain Sev(400g)
        • Masala Peanuts(400g)
        • Flax Seed Crackers (400g)
        • Sweet n Spicy Masala Cookies (400g) (Gluten Free) Dates Sweetened
        • Verki Poori(400g)

          PLEASE NOTE: In case you are outside our delivery radius, you may not be able to check out with the 'Bangalore' option. Not to worry, though, just choose 'Rest of India' option and we shall parcel the snacks to you! 

          Always store in airtight containers to retain maximum crispiness.

          Best before  21 days from date of manufacturing. 
          Available to order PAN India.

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 57 reviews
            Raman Nagarajan (Bengaluru, IN)
            Really good

            Have been having Sampoorna South Indian whole grain for last 4 days and taste is good. Different menu options in each meal. If the cost option can be kept under 350 really value for money

            Ishika Sachdev (Singapore, SG)
            Tasty, healthy, light meals

            Good alternative for those who want to eat whole food plant based, but don’t want to or have the time to cook. The meals are tasty (for those whose palette has adjusted to WFPB food) and leave you feeling full but still light and energetic. It felt like eating home food. I enjoyed it and was grateful this option existed during my trip to Bangalore. My only pain point was the delivery coordination system wasn’t very efficient. I appreciate the gentleness of their team members I spoke with, but there was some back and forth and delays that perhaps could be solved by future automation. Regardless, I will reorder whenever I am back in Bangalore.

            Trupthi HK (Bengaluru, IN)

            Awesome. Execellent.
            Never ever seen such a diet which fulfill your taste buds as well as stomach full of food.
            Byproduct is you get full health and weight reduction is superb without any exercise or doing any diet or cravings.
            All together 💯 on 💯.

            Sumanth Boyapati

            salt should reduce bit. other than all yummy and healthy

            Raghunandan Damle (Bengaluru, IN)
            Eating is Believing!

            I ordered a trial tiffin lunch to see if it could replace my office lunch, which I usually carry from home (left overs from the previous day). Delivery of the tiffin to my office turned out to be a fiasco, because the auto driver couldn't reach me on my phone and the security guards at the gate wouldn't accept the tiffin because the driver didn't know my name! So the driver dropped the tiffin to my home, where no one wanted it, because the rest of my family prefers unhealthy food. Thankfully Sampoorna Ahara graciously sent another free tiffin to my office in time for my lunch! The meal really filled me up to my neck, but unlike when I gorge in a restaurant, afterwards I felt very good, satisfied and healthy! I particularly liked the salad and the grated amla with turmeric - a new taste for me!
            I would prefer to have either a fruit starter or a salad, but both is a bit much to eat at office for lunch. A minor observation is that the tiffin boxes are stainless steel, which contains two toxic metals - nickel and chromium; it would be great if bronze tiffin boxes were used.
            I would not have believed that such food could be available in a tiffin service, but Dr. Eswar has made it happen. I am super impressed!!!

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