Diabetes Diet

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Specialty of Sampoorna Ahara Diabetes Diet

🍱 Doctor designed meals
🤜 Remove the root cause of diabetes - clear out fat from muscles, liver and pancreatic cells
👩‍⚕️ Support the body's natural healing process
🍇 Low Glycemic Load and AGEs
🥗 Wholesome, balanced, nutritious, healing & complete meals. Ready to HEAT & EAT
🧾 Highly Customizable Meals
🍉 Planned to the tee based on Dr. Michael Greger's Daily Dozen
🍋 Includes 21 tweaks recommended by Dr. Michael Greger to aid weight-loss in addition to diabetes prevention
🍃 Chemical-free ingredients
🍠 Calorie-dilute Whole Plant Foods for optimal results
🍲 Diabetes-Friendly, Heart-healthy and Low salt
🍛 Different menus everyday on rotation
🍯 Sugar/jaggery-free, Oil-free, Whole-Grain, Dairy-free Meals for complete healing

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Sree Complex (Bengaluru, IN)
    Thanks for making our day memorable

    I enjoyed the meal very much. More so when I knew it was the healthiest option. I loved the raita. What did you make it with, may I ask?
    Though the seniors were not relishing it, they too felt it was good

    The kids absolutely loved the cake jars. That was a instant hit. Also loved the handmade greeting card you had sent along with the food. It was a good personal touch

    Quantity of all the items was also quite a bit

    Overall I like the way you prepared and delivered the food. Hassle free and prompt

    Would definitely recommend it to my friends

    Thanks for making our day memorable


    Dr.Adithi Raghavan (Bengaluru, IN)
    Thank you !

    Thank you Sampoorna Ahara for serving healthy meals with different variety of dishes everyday.My meals are customised as per my preferences and delivered regularly.

    Munireddy Nagappa (Austin, US)
    Thank you for healthy gifting option…

    The food was delicious…Thank you so much.

    Asia (Bengaluru, IN)
    Healthy fresh hygienic but repetitive

    Very well organised. Good customer service. Fresh food delivered on time. But was looking for more varied flavours and was hoping to see a nice mix of North Indian and South Indian (I'm South Indian and prefer South Indian) but that was not to be. I felt the food was more South Indian and very similar day to day. Apart from that it's very reliable. And they immediately responded to any changes I want (to drop a particular vegetable) or to any feedback and queries.

    Srihari Palangala (Miami, US)
    Thank you for making a difference

    The meals are working well, we do notice the difference in our weight control and general well being as a result of the diet offered.

    Our thank you for making a difference in our everyday life.

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