Sampoorna Ahara
Sampoorna Ahara
Tastes like home.
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    Using Whole Food Plant Based ingredients to give you the best of health & taste.
"Wonder zero oil, vegan (plant-based), whole-food greatness in eco-friendly tiffins, delivered to your home or office by smiley nice drivers? What's not to love! This service is a literal dream come true for this busy vegan who is also trying to lose weight but reduce waste (reduce waist also - see what I did there? 😆) The service is well worth every rupee. After trying it for a couple of weeks in August, I decided to go full out 7 days a week for all of September!" - Deanna W

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100% Vegan, Cruelty-free,
Plant-based Foods

Doctor-designed Nutritious
Healthy & Homely Meals

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100% Whole Foods. We don't use Oil, Sugar or Refined Grains

Meal Subscri​ption Plans

Plant-based Fun Meals for Kids

Great things come in small packages. Get the benefits of a varied, wholesome, nutrition-packed meal in a small package! Perfect for growing children who need a special blend of high calorie, yet healthy foods. 


Plant-based Thalis for Adults

It took scientists decades to discover the perfect blend of foods for optimal health. The Sampoorna Ahara Thali distills the latest evidence-based nutrition, combining the best of Whole Plant foods for Complete Balanced Nutrition.

Fun Size Meal

For Kids & Small Eaters | INR 299
5 meals/week at INR 279/meal

Executive Meal

Healthiest Choice for Health Promotion, Optimal Weight & Disease Reversal

INR 319  INR 299/meal for 5 meals/week

Royal Feast

Indulgence at its Finest | INR 389

5 Meals/week or more at INR 379/meal

Subscribe: Royal Feasts
Plant Power Meals

With Energy Bar For Athletes | INR 349

5 Meals/week or more at INR 329/meal

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Grain-free Meal

For Kids & Small Eaters | INR 339
5 meals/week at INR 319/meal

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Satvik Meal

No onion or garlic | INR 319 
5 meals/week at INR 299/meal

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Royal Millet Feast

Variety of Delicacies & Rustic Millet Rotis 

INR 409  5 meals/week at INR 389/meal

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