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Fundraising Efforts

During the first leg of the pandemic, we were pleasantly surprised by how you all came together and supported us in our efforts and were there every step of the way. We are grateful for the support and are confident that the credibility that we have built with you will once again help us help others. We thank you all for having the confidence in our movement and reassure you that we will use every Rupee raised responsibly to help those who need it the most.


COVID -19 : The Situation Today

The second wave of the Covid -19 Pandemic has had a devastating impact in India. Blindsided by the virus, healthcare workers are being stretched to their limits and hospitals are full. You and your family may have already faced a crisis. The worst affected are the most vulnerable among us. Those that do not have the economic privilege that protects them. The number of people who have lost employment has increased multifold. We don't have accurate official numbers as far as the virus spread, especially among the poor.


Unlike the first wave where older people were the most affected, this wave has affected younger people and we are seeing apparently healthy people succumb to the virus. Identified common co-morbidities include obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension among others. All of these are chronic lifestyle induced diseases. There is a severe lack of hospitals, oxygen cylinders and healthcare workers to bear the onslaught.

10,000 MEALS & COUNTING...

During the first wave of the pandemic, we doubled our donation efforts and went on to serve over 10,000 meals and a ration pack in association with Farm Fresh Bangalore to migrant workers, daily wage earners and others in need of aid. With our focus on health, we ensure that everything that we serve through our program has only the highest quality of ingredients


Background : Lifestyle Diseases and COVID -19

The poorest among us are also the most vulnerable to disease - chronic lifestyle induced disease as well as communicable ones. They are the ones with least access to healthcare, nutrition and awareness. They are more likely to have undiagnosed comorbidities, lesser space to socially distance and lack of proper food. This puts them at the highest risk of disease while having the lowest chances of survival.


Most of the common diagnosed co-morbidities are lifestyle induced and widespread among the poor. Many of them are unaware and are without the ability to properly manage them. At this time more than any other, doctors and public health experts are stressing on the need to eat healthy and manage co-morbidities to the best extent possible. In addition to protocols such as masking, proper hygiene and social distancing, there is enormous benefit in building our immunity, working to reach our ideal weight and maintaining overall health.

Donate Whole Food Plant Based Ration Packs

The food we donate is whole food plant based with high fiber, anti-inflammatory properties, and high antioxidant ingredients. This ensures that those with chronic lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high BP, heart disease and others don't suffer from eating further disease causing foods. Our ration packs in association with Farm Fresh Bangalore include fresh fruit, vegetable, greens, lentils, and whole grains, instead of just sugar, oil and white rice - all three of which are associated with higher disease risk.


Our Intervention:

Bringing Healthy Food to the Disadvantaged



Building a healthy lifestyle is no longer advice from the sidelines but crucial in giving our bodies the best chance to recover and could be the difference between life and death.

With Bengaluru going into complete lockdown from the 10th of May 2021, people who need to step out to eat or otherwise suffer with hunger are left most vulnerable. Our efforts are tied into helping people who have the least awareness or access to a healthy lifestyle.

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