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How I Challenged Myself?

I Created the Ultimate Range of Healthy Sweets

That morning, my phone rang violently- it was Amma. With a groan, I answered the call and grumbled that I was up. It was still dark outside. I squinted at the bright screen of my phone and saw it was only 4 am. Ugh...

By the time I made it out of my bed and downstairs to the kitchen, Amma was already there standing over huge simmering vessels of hot food, stirring vigorously. My 14 year old brain would rebel so much! What was the need to complain? I don't understand.

5 minutes later, I was in my zone completely engrossed in making the dish that was assigned to me: dessert. No one else dared to touch the dessert when I was around. It was mine, exclusively. In fact, if I don't say that people were deathly scared of me in the kitchen, I might get in trouble.

I was a pain in the butt. I was maybe too meticulous and too precise for anybody's liking. I'm hoping I've learnt to be nice about details? Guys? Over the years, Achyuthan posed various challenges. First he told me, "No dairy." Then he said, "No sugar." The list didn't end there. Soon it was "No dairy, no sugar, no oil, no jaggery"

Each time he said something new, there would be an uproar in the house, "Don't take that away too!" However, if he hadn't challenged me to cook without these "essential" ingredients, I wouldn't have any clue how to make the delicious sweets sells today. What a learning curve it has been!

Be Blessed,
Aditi Eswar.
Co-Founder, SampoornaAhara, India's First Whole Food Plant Based Healthy Desserts Kitchen

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Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, Founder, Sampoorna Ahara

"Whether it's Sugar, Jaggery, or even honey, all of these three have been found to spike up our blood sugar levels immediately after we eat them. On the other hand, most artificial sweeteners have been associated with higher risk of certain diseases. So if we want to avoid eating both of these, What do we eat? We love eating desserts. We don’t want to give up on them. I want to eat Payasam for the rest of my life, But what do I make it from?"

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