How my Mother-in-law Survived Lymph Node Cancer using Whole Food Plant Based System?

How my Mom Survived Lymph Node Cancer using Whole Food Plant Based System?

It was a small little lump against her throat that made us alert that something was amiss. My mother in law seemed fine otherwise and a couple of doctors also felt that it might be harmless. But the lump would not go away and it grew in size.

A biopsy was recommended, carried out and the verdict got passed beyond doubt that she was now a cancer patient. A PET scan stunned us all into silence by showing up cancer in all her nodes. Lymphoma, 4th stage said the doctor, gravely. Grace prevailed and he mentioned that it was a slow-growing cancer. Could we race up our therapies and put it down before it could blow out of control?

Watching a few other friends and relatives of her age succumbing to the same disease ever so frequently was no comfort.

She is a brave woman. She went through her therapy of chemo in the most dignified manner. Equally dignified was my son, Dr. Achyuthan Eswar, gently and without much an ado laying down framework for everyday routine. The most significant aspects were strict adherence to whole, plant-based foods that had a generous helping of cruciferous vegetables and a balance of all required nutrients. Even if she vomited, solid juices, soups and food having the required amount of nutrients were fed to her through different persons each time. She responded well. She has not had the disease return to her yet. It is over five years now.

Not once does she waver from what Sampoorna Ahara tiffin meals have to offer. She has a merry time choosing the different oil-free snacks, sugar-free sweets, breads and spreads as well. When we come across people of her age who crib about how they cannot let go of white rice, or have kokum in their sambar or wonder why rice with just plain roasted groundnuts could be a dish to have, I truly see how wise my mother in law has been and continues to be in choosing to lead a healthier lifestyle! I pray for others who choose the harder path of giving in to their habits that diminish their quality of life.

Be Blessed,
Krish Murali Eswar.

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