Vitamin B12 Fortified Flaxseed Laddus are HERE!

On popular request, Flaxseed B12 laddu subscription is now available! Get the dual benefit of Flaxseed and Vitamin B12 rolled into the yummiest laddu:

🌟 Flaxseed comes with numerous benefits and is an essential part of everyday nutrition. Rich in Omega 3s, Lignan, protein, dietary fiber and more, these tiny seeds are power packed!

🌟 Vitamin B12 is an important water soluble vitamin which plays an essential role in the production of your red blood cells and DNA, as well as the proper functioning of your nervous system. This vitamin is neither made by plants nor by animals, but by soil bacteria

Why take B12 supplements when you can enjoy laddus instead? And the Flaxseed B12 Laddu was born! Take two laddus daily to meet your Flaxseed & Vitamin B12 recommendations.

βœ… Meet your daily requirements for both Vitamin B12 and Flaxseed with Sampoorna Ahara's flavourful Laddus, choose from three different flavours and power up your dessert with some of the healthiest foods!

βœ… With our recurring subscription plan, always stay stocked up and healthy

βœ… Your Yummy Laddus are Vegan, Oil-free, and dates sweetened Subscribe now:Β

Be Blessed,

Team πŸ’š

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