Yummy dishes ready to go on a fresh banana leaf

It's never too late!

You are never too old!

You got this

Never give up✨

Here are some yummy dishes ready to go on a fresh banana leaf:

🍊 Orange

🍊 Cucumber Tomato Kosambari Salad with cucumbers, tomato, gooseberry and dash of lemon zest

🍊 Bitter Gourd Unfry Oil-free bitter gourd and sweet pumpkin stir fry coated in spices

🍊 Palak Pacchadi Fresh spinach, green pas and tofu in a creamy cashew gravy

🍊 Bisi Bele Bath Traditional lentil rice with potato and green peas in aromatic spices topped with cashews

🍊 Oil-free Masala Vada Crackers

🍊 Flaxseed B12 Laddu

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