Flaxseed B12 Laddus - Vanilla, Cardamom, Chocolate flavours

Flaxseed B12 Laddus - Vanilla, Cardamom, Chocolate flavours!

A whole lot of nutrition packed in bite-sized delicious laddus. What better way to meet both your requirements for Flaxseed as well as B12 than a delicious sugar/jaggery-free laddu?

These date sweetened laddus come in three different flavours too - Vanilla, Cardamom and Chocolate. Pick your favourite now at: www.SampoornaAhara.com

Daily Dozen Checklist:

✓ Flax seeds: 1/2 serving per laddu

✓ Other Fruits: 1/4 serving per laddu

✓ Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

How to use:

Enjoy two laddus daily to meet your flax seed requirement for the day. Each Laddu also has enough Vitamin B12 for the day. (You need not worry about taking too much. Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin, so you will just pee out the extra B12!)

Be Blessed,

Team SampoornaAhara.com 💚


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